Drop me an email for my full PDF portfolio. Only some of the public ones are extracted below.

Vidyou (aka Denso) – getvidyou.com

Denso is a video discovery and service, designed mainly for mobiles and tablets. It is an active project that I’m currently working on since around May 2011. This is probably the best public project that I am proud of. Head over to the link above and see it for yourself, or get it directly from the App Store here, or Android market here.
I’m the iOS and Android developer for this project. I coded and designed the mobile apps. Occasionally fix some bugs on the Rails server side too (@iamclovin is the Rails guru). The Android implementation of the service is done entirely in Titanium Mobile, my 3rd full app using Titanium, two more below.

Fotobook App – fotobookapp.com

Fotobook App is a straightforward photo browsing app for Facebook. Back then, and sometime now still, the official Facebook app fails miserably in the photo viewing department. So Fotobook was built for both speed and simplicity. The photos are cached and can be downloaded in batch. With one touch, all your tagged photos can be downloaded into your phone.
This project was built with Three20. I was the main developer for this project, while @andycroll designed the interface stuff. There are two versions of the app on the App Store, free and paid. Visit the link above to find out more.

Today’s News 2 – todaysnewsapp.com

Today’s News App is a pure news reader that probably deliver the best paper experience on iPhone and iPad. It fetches daily content from the Guardian (UK) and store on your iOS devices for your consumption.
This is my first iOS app with Anideo and also my learning Objective-C project. Arun was the main developer and I was only adding a few minor features to the existing app. I then improved the app to include monthly subscription with free trial and custom article images for the purpose of white-labeling the system.

Tin Tuc App – tintucapp.com

Tin Tuc App is a Vietnamese news reader app, based on Today’s News 2 concept, built solely for my personal consumption and experimenting with a new technology.
It is my very first experiment with Titanium Mobile framework. It is until now (2012) still a bleeding-edge technology that reduces development time and cost of iOS/Android apps to almost only a quarter. Until now I still do not know any developer in Singapore currently using this framework.

Hello. iPad App – helloipadapp.com

Hello. iPad App was built before there was an official Facebook for iPad. Back then, I found several apps for browsing Facebook on iPad but none could provide an non-intrusive and non-obstructive view of the Newsfeed. The itch was that I often lose track of where I was and the page refreshes when I touched on some link. So I decided to build my own app and create a much better experience using Facebook on the iPad. Visit the link above to view more screenshots and features of Hello.
The app was also written entirely in Javascript and compiled as iPad App with Titanium Mobile framework. This is the project where I learnt a lot more about Titanium, its amazing simplicity as well as the quirks. It gives me enough experience to build the Android Denso app (above).
I also discover many important interaction with the iOS application that helped me tremendously in designing the great user experience for Denso later on.

My Honor Year Project – [Youtube demo link]

This project is a 3D Multitouch Directory (kiosk) for School of Computing at National University of Singapore in 2010. Together with my twin brother Torin Nguyen, we built the whole system from scratch. He did most of the hardware building while I took care of the software although we also both understand one another’s area extensively. He built the entire laser-based multitouch screen using components from eBay, connecting with CCV open-source driver. While I experimented with realtime interpretation of raw touch points using only Javascript, which then control the Germanium3D plugin. The backend server was PHP.
You could see most of the setup from the link above, as of Feb 2012, the booth is still on display at NUS.