What does it feel like to be growing a startup?

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Depending on which side you are, it could be a myth looking from the outside. Or it could be a hero story you are saving for your kids.

Imagine one day you are riding a bulldozer running at full speed smashing through whatever on the way, nothing seems to be able to stop it; and then the next day you are on a scrappy boat heading towards huge waves, a tiny shake feels like that’s the end of it.

One email could make for a bright clear day or it could break it before the day even begins. But despite countless of how-to-start-your-day kind of advice, you simply cannot resist reaching for the phone and check for new messages before even going to pee.

It’s amazing how a small bump on the road feels like a disaster in the beginning. And then you got knocked down so often to the point that every crisis feels like a to-do on a sticky note, waiting to be scratched off in a few hours. You learnt to stand in front of the problems smiling and handing out name cards as if nothing ever happened.

I don’t know if entrepreneurial mood-swing is even a common thing but I am quite certain that it is worse than a teenage undergoing puberty or PMS blues. An uptick in sales number of the month or a signed contract could be ruined completely by a slight change of plan due to unforeseen circumstances. Your mood is something you very often lost control despite making every effort keeping cool.

Despite the harsh reality, it is really quite a rush when you see the impact of what you did right. No doubt it is very addictive for an adrenaline-junkie like me. I wouldn’t trade it for a life in a navy battleship, analogous to having a stable corporate job, any time soon.

Fence sitters, do you want to take a side? Maybe this can help you to pick one.