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A few years ago when I was searching for my own domain, I found this domain but after a few hours trying to borrow a creditcard (I didn’t have one then), the domain was already bought by the f**king stupid networksolutions.com I used to check for availability. I didn’t want to be ripped off by higher price and bought nguyenkent.com instead.

Two days ago, I was reviewing my domains and something reminded me of it so I tried my luck. And here it is, my own KentNguyen.com that I have always been waiting for.

So as part of my new year resolutions, I needed to start a tech blog and begin sharing experience in my work and interesting skills I picked up over the years. A few people are sure very eager to read what I have to share. But mainly I just wanted to see if I can increase my presence and back links to my profile online.

For the start, if you haven’t known who I am already, head to my About Me page and see if you can spot anything unusual.

The cool thing about this blog is that it serves iPad differently and iPhone differently as well. Check it our for yourself.