rebooting 2013… half a year of change

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Tan Son Nhat airport - Sunset

Tan Son Nhat airport – Sunset

If there’s one photo to describe my whereabout the past half year would be the one above: juggling between Singapore and Ho Chi Minh.

A lot has happened since July 2012. It’s been a short yet life-altering couple of months for me and everyone else involved. No one was even close to predicting anything that is in motion today, and certainly no one was sure of anything would happen yet we did, once again, trusted our gut and went ahead.

Looking back just mere 3 years ago around March 2010, I’m still sitting in school, no clue what to do with the graduating thesis; despite the fact that I then already had my name as co-founder of what now has became a hundreds-strong corporation. So I took a break after graduation and find a full time developer job at Anideo. Up until late 2012, I was still happily pushing code and polishing a killer app while receiving a decent pay-check that is still a dream to many today. All that came to a stop abruptly for several foreseeable and unfortunate reasons including my boredom of a day job.

Fast forward just a month or two, after weeks of being in a trough and direction-less, I found myself hesitantly taking up the post of managing entirely new company on it own. Officially, that was shy of 5 months ago. Being an engineering spirit person, I have never had the need to run a company but this time I knew there’s no other choice. Today, the team is still small, and that didn’t seem to affect the fact that we have been and are still achieving some rather incredible numbers; we have just had a nice office that we truly call ours; great team dynamics; comfortable working environment…

I certainly had to make lots of decisions, the kind that you can’t learn or read from books. A lot of times it was based purely on instinct and putting everything as a bet, knowing that only time could judge. I had no management training, just a vast pool of technical expertise and that will continue to be the base of my foundation for the time to come. What I also have is the fact that I have failed several times and saw people failed even more miserably before they could start anything.

Obviously I’m no expert but I realised there must be something about the way I (want to) do things that people find interesting and inspiring, for that reason this rebooting entry will signify the focus shift of my blog, from technical development to a more managerial-sharing focused perspective. Mostly the context will be of Singapore and Vietnam startup scene, learnings through the eye of a first-time engineer-turn-manager person, occasionally some complains about shortage of devs, and hopefully some small contribution to the open source community when I’m bored.

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