Damn it, i’ll opensource, just buy me coffee instead

Posted: June 7th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Development, iOS | 8 Comments »

I started writing a custom control for iOS since about a week ago. The initial idea was that it’s going to be part of a bigger application that I will be working on and it’s going to be a versatile and reusable component that could potentially save countless number of hours for other developers as well.

I decided to write it from scratch because there aren’t quite anything out there could do the job, although the task it serves is quite a common one: select multiple items from a long list – a generic selector/picker control. I found this, this and this, however they are rather outdated and written for a specific purpose of selecting people (phone or email).

So as I was writing it, it gets more and more complicated with several configuration options that I need in my project. That’s why it also became clearer and clearer to me that there is a need for such generic UI control. I can already imagine it being used in many app ideas that I have in my mind.

Closer to completion, I am very certain that I’m going to sell this component for a small fee, at least compensate for the time I’ve spent. Plus I’ve already written a commercial component that is doing not too badly.

The last bits of the package was the documentation, licensing and pricing. As I did some research to pick the correct license and some calculations to get the pricing, it suddenly struck me that the process of developing custom controls has instilled an idea: to commercialize every UI components that I will develop. Not a good way to think about iOS development.

Fast forward to an hour later, I found myself rewriting the About page and pushing the code to a public Github repo. So damn it, I’ll just opensource and just let people take the code, improve it and probably pay whatever amount they think it deserves.

Here is the component and here’s the commit if you are curious. Check it out let me know what you think in the comment below. Would it have been a good-selling component if I were to sell? How much would you pay then?