Boilerplate Facebook application for iPhone

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For the past few weeks, I have been checking out a website called Binpress. Which is the commercial alternative to CocoaControls. The site is still new but it already has several components in it and not limited to just iOS stuff. They still have a lot of kinks in the publishing process, however, I find that the quality of components here are slightly better than those in CocoaControls, perhaps because the authors spent more time to polish up a paid package. However, I have to say this only applies to Obj-C components, the other languages are still behind CodeCanyon. Their commission is fixed at 30% though, much better than CodeCanyon which takes frickin 50%-70% of the sales!!!

So I published two open-source components of mine as a trial about a week ago. They are the KNPathTableViewController and KNSemiModal.

So I also decided to try writing a commercial component that could be huge time-saver for iOS beginners. Given that there are a lot of companies in which the web developers now have to take up iOS programming to serve the changing need, I can see that there are a lot of developers struggling with getting a quick ready-to-use application template to start with. A template which they can just open up and instantly have Facebook connect and WYSIWYG welcome pages.

For a beginner, it is a daunting task having to know how to build and import libraries needed. With this application you don’t have to worry about those and just get your app running right away. This application is meant to help you get started your iPhone app quickly with Facebook login handling built right in and more importantly having an onboarding/welcome UI that you can modify easily with Interface Builder.

So here it is: Boilerplate Facebook application for iPhone on Binpress
Head over there and you’ll find all the details about screenshots and even a demo video!