What if … you can see the future?

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What was it like

Two years ago, when I just started exploring my first job after graduation, I was very fortunate to be part of Anideo – A development lab where I was free to explore many new technologies.
Not only I had the chance to get my hand dirty with new programming languages including Ruby on Rails and Objective C, I also had the chance to meet and speak to a number of startups in Singapore.

At that time, it wasn’t a big deal at all to me, I just thought that RoR and iOS was really cool and meeting/sharing with the people in the same industry is just something that you ought to do in a working life. Little that I know, I was living in the future!

I was working with the top developers, made friends with people in the know-how, seen the top-notch designers’ work. Naturally, I learnt and extracted the best from people around:

  • I used soft-gradient, soft-shadow in all my designs.
  • I tracked all my projects with Git. All my works were on the cloud.
  • I wrote my web application in Rails, deployed to Heroku, stored file in S3. Ofcourse, I ditched PHP.
  • I made several iOS and Android mobile applications, with native and non-native languages.

I began sharing and enforcing some of the practices to my teammates:

  • Enforced low contrast gradient, no hash shadow in web design.
  • Tried to get people to stop using PHP and move to Rails.
  • Tried to teach people to use Git properly.
  • Made a decision to stop an old Rails 2.x project half-way.
  • Started a small team to make mobile apps.

The practices were not really successful, the decisions were not immediately clear. I didn’t have a solid reason to make a convincing statement to the people. Everything was mostly based on gut and my own experience, not at all proven. That was over a year ago and things had been kind of the same since.

Until today!
In just the past month, the dots started to connect and strangely everything I ever did a year ago started to make absolute sense to people who heard about. In the past week, literally almost everyday, there was news or an article published that gave credit to at least one of the technologies I tried to educate people.

There was a recognised trend of flat-design; A huge emphasis was being put on Ruby on Rails, more and more people want to try it out; Articles on the explosion of open source software credited to Git infrastructure; The rise of true “living software” made possible by Git and Ruby on Rails; Several companies rushing to get my team develop mobile applications for them.

What’s next?

I don’t know but are you willing to seek and catch the next wave?