Kent Nguyen

Hi, I am Kent Nguyen, a technologist and serial entrepreneur, based in Vietnam. I spent over 20 years in my career building complex software systems and forging strong software development teams across multiple countries. Technology is my passion and I started self-taught programming since 14; I’m still coding a little everyday (NextJS & SQL) trying to stay relevant with the development tools.

I spent roughly 16 years in Singapore from 2000, including getting Diploma from Singapore Polytechnic, and Bachelor Degree from NUS. From 2007 to date, I have cofounded several tech-startups, had a few exits, notably Grab’s acqui-hire. I came back to Vietnam in 2017 and decided to make a permanent base here. I also travelled across S.E.A and has advised tech startups in developing countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Samoa. Helping these teams allows me to understand different rate of technology adoption of the region due to political challenges.

Besides Technology, I also maintain a Instagram channel for my photography hobby, mostly #landscapephotography and #streetphotography style. I shoot with mobile cameras, hobbyist drones and 360° cameras.

Having blessed with experiences from multiple worlds and culture, I’m hoping to guide potential partners  coming to Vietnam looking for business opportunities in Technology or Renewable Energy sectors or just getting business setup in general. There is much potential in the country to be realized, as well as opportunities to give back to the much less fortunate through technology adoption.


  • … building something cool next ...

  • Founder/Technologist, Anatics, Vietnam, since 2020

  • CTO, OP3N LLC, USA & Vietnam, 2020-2022

  • Venture Partner, Viet Capital Ventures, Vietnam,  2018-2021

  • CTO,, Singapore, 2018-2020

  • Head of Engineer for Grab, Vietnam, 2017

  • Co-founder/CTO, Silicon Straits, Singapore & Vietnam, 2013-2017

  • Co-founder, TGM Corporation, Vietnam, 2009-2011

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A cartoon version of my early startup journey, drawn by SSS team in 2016.

 Through the lens

I often shoot with flagship mobile cameras, hobbyist drones and consumer 360° cameras. Post-process with Lightroom directly on Android mobile or iPad for a lean workflow.

Sharings & Publications

Over the years working with software engineers and managing startups, I’ve worked out a couple of mental frameworks around building effective team from management perspective.

I have been promoting and implemented remote working culture, flexible vacation and work schedule since 2013, long before Covid happened. 

I’m hoping more modern agile teams would adopt these organisational concepts for a better workplace, efficient process and more empathetic work environment.